About Us
U.K Paper Converters is a private limited company, incorporated as on 15th October, 2012. The Company is mainly engaged in the manufacturing of a wide range of paper products for students and corporate executives.
Our Vision and Mission:
UK Paper Converters Pvt. Ltd. was envisioned as a dynamic and vibrant company to produce high-end, quality paper products at competitive prices. Starting in 2013, we have consistently strived to provide consumers with the best possible products at highly competitive rates.
In the last few years, we have managed to emerge as a major player in the paper stationery market, and have expanded our reach from 2 to 9 states in the northern part of the country.
We have also expanded our range of products, and have launched 2 new lines, in addition to the 3 existing ranges, which have received widespread appreciation from customers. We shall also be introducing office stationary in the latter half of the year.
Our range of product include:
"Alwayz ahead"
"Be Positive"
"शिक्षा पथ"
"चलो चलें स्कूल"
Alwayz ahead is our line of premium products with elegant Bright covers and high quality paper meeting international standards, designed to deliver writing pleasure and is best suited to meet academic needs.

Be Positive is our mid segment line products with competitive pricing, designed to provide customers with a better experience than other brands available in the market.

E3 (Elegant, Eco-Friendly & Economical) is a line of notebooks designed to fit in every pocket. E3 stands for Elegant, Eco friendly and Economical, is great for those on budget.

शिक्षा पथ is a range designed for high school students with greater stationery needs than their younger counterparts, as it provides them better quality and quantity at alower price.

CCS (Chalo Chale School) is a specialised range, catering to rural markets, and is designed to meet the needs of students in ryral areas, as it provides them with good quality at the price of locally produced goods.

We are devoted to provide the best products, along with exceptional customer service and look forward to have as opportunity to serve you.

Thank You
Arvinder Singh